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Lessons for beginning DJ’s

Angela 25/10/2016

If you’re thinking about starting a DJ career, you need to take it step by step and the first step is to get a good DJ basic setup. You need to get yourself a pair of direct-drive turntables, a mixer and some vinyl records to begin practicing your scratching.

Nowadays the digital controller and CDJs are quite popular and they may be also used for scratching or make some loops on the fly. They also let you play tracks in reverse or at very fast rate and come with many features for any turntablist.

As you’re all new to scratching, it’s very likely that you don’t own a turntable for the moment. This is ok and you need to buy one. You need a direct-drive model and go farther from there. It’s not that expensive, after all.

In order to improve your scratching skills, you need a mixer that has a curve adjustment on the cross fader. This way you can control the sound switching back and forth between your turntables easier. Keep in mind to look for a scratch mixer with a crossfader that is not in the middle.

Get some help from a slip mat between the platter and the record as it’s essential for any good scratching DJ. When scratching, you need to put a finger/hand on the record and stop the record from moving and you don’t want the whole platter to move.

No DJ can scratch without a good collection of records. Build up your own collection with various vinyl records and beats that give unique sound. It might be sound complicated at first, but you’ll get your own style in rhythm by trying new things/beats all the time.

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